Presentation + Practicality


Brass+Bold carefully selects the most appropriate and eco friendly packaging available for your jewellery and homeware items. Our packaging is robust and contains no plastic.

Packaging for jewellery is focussed on fully recyclable lightweight stylish designs. Packaging for homeware is equally lightweight and recyclable, yet more robust.


Gift box

Larger jewellery items are neatly packaged in a recyclable white card gift box keeping the piece snug and safe inside with plenty of recyclable tissue paper. Gift boxes are adorned with an embossed Brass+Bold sticker


Pillow box

Smaller jewellery items are packaged in eco friendly recyclable pillow boxes carefully wrapped in recyclable tissue paper. Pillow boxes are hand stamped with the Brass+Bold logo.


Two-ply cardboard

Homeware collections are packaged in sturdy double ply recyclable cardboard boxes with plenty of recyclable tissue paper for protection adorned with an embossed Brass+Bold sticker.


Examples of each type of packaging are displayed on this page.