New Spring/Summer collection 2024

Welcome to my new collections and designs for Spring Summer 2024.

The pieces here are my new ‘GARDENA’ collection, additions to ‘FORM’ and a new mini collection ‘HIKU’.

Gardena means ‘transparent’ in Basque, a name appropriate for a collection based on glass and I am from the Basque Country! There is also a spring-garden sound to the name which I think is lovely.

I also have some delightful additions to ‘form’ earrings with the more traditional feel of brass+bold. I think these will be very popular, look sophisticated and the addition of a short earring gives customers a more varied choice of style.

The new mini-collection Hiku means ‘pull’ in Japanese. Given that these pieces are based on solid heavy brass the ‘pull’ translation seemed quite appropriate!

I really hope you like the new pieces.

Elsa x

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