concrete + lasercut brass brooch


This gorgeous concrete+brass brooch is a tribute to Brutalist Concept and to reflect the beauty and honesty of the materials

Brooch diameter 45mm

Due to the nature of the concrete each piece has slightly variances that add to its charm and character.

In contact with skin, moisture and air, concrete becomes darker, shinier and harder over time.

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Care for your jewellery

All raw brass will deepen in colour over time. If you would prefer to keep a bright gold-brass colour simply clean it with the wire wool included (please avoid touching the concrete).

Please be careful if using any jewellery polishing cloth or Brasso whilst cleaning the brass as it can stain the concrete.
Raw brass will darken more quickly if exposed to moisture. To keep jewellery untarnished it is advisable to remove it before showering, swimming, applying lotions or perfume.

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